School Psychology

School psychology is a branch of psychology dealing with the principles of clinical psychology and educational psychology, used for analyzing children's behavioral and learning problems and carrying out an appropriate treatment. The main objective of this article is to offer precise info about school psychology.

Before going on to discuss what is school psychology, let us take a look in its origin. Dating back to late 19th and early 20th centuries the beginning of School psychology actually seen coming out of functional psychology. The field is coupled with both functional and clinical psychology. Although both school and clinical psychologists aim to improve the lives of children, their approach is different. School psychologists mainly focus on school learning and childhood behavioral problems, in contrast to the focus on mental health by clinical psychologist. Read on to get more info on school psychology.

School psychologists are educated in psychology, child and adolescent development. Having knowledge related to effective instruction and effective schools, they are professionally trained to carry out psychological and psycho educational assessment, counseling, and consultation. Interested in childhood behaviors, learning processes and disorders, School psychologists want to understand the causes of the behaviors and their effects on learning.

The late 19th century saw the beginning of the era of social reforms aimed at children, due to which there arose a need for psychology in schools and school psychologists. These social reforms integrated compulsory schooling, juvenile courts and child labor laws. There was also seen a growth of institutions serving children. Children were to be looked upon as a psychological source of love and affection rather than an economic source of labor. Compulsory schooling laws saw an increase in the number of students. Students with mental and physical defects were also required by law to be in school although there was a need for alternative methods of teaching these different children. The period between 1910 and 1914, saw special education classrooms for these children in both rural and urban schools. With the rise in the number of these special schools, there also arose a need for "experts" to assist in the process of selecting children for special education. Thus, the need for the study of school psychology was firmly founded.

Today, School psychologists tackle with the educational, social, emotional and behavioral challenges faced by many children and young adults. Applying their knowledge of human development, psychopathology, the impact of culture, learning theory, the school psychologists well understand the importance of schools in the lives of young people.