Developmental Psychology

Developmental psychology, also referred to as human development, is the scientific and methodical study of systematic psychological changes that take place in human beings over the course of their life span. At first, the study of developmental psychology was only concerned with infants and children. But today, the field has grown to comprise of adolescence, adult development, aging, and the entire life span of an individual. Find the answer to what is developmental psychology on this page.

Developmental psychology examines and studies a wide range of topics. For example, cognitive development, which involve areas like problem solving, moral understanding, and conceptual understanding. It also covers motor skills and other psycho-physiological processes. Social, personality, and emotional development, language acquisition; self-concept and identity formation also form an integral part in the study of developmental psychology. Read on to learn more about developmental psychology.

Getting on with more info on developmental psychology, this field of psychology involves issues such as the level to which development has occurred through the slow accretion of knowledge versus stage-like development. It also studies the extent to which children are born with inborn mental structure and their learning through experience. Many developmental psychologists lay emphasis on the interaction between personal characteristics, the individual's behavior, and environmental factors. The social context, and their impact on an individual development are studied by these psychologists.

The study of developmental psychology covers several applied fields like: child psychopathology, educational psychology, forensic developmental psychology. It also complements other basic research fields in psychology like social psychology, ecological psychology, cognitive psychology and comparative psychology.

Developmental psychologists interested in social development study how individuals build up social and emotional competencies. For instance, they research on how children develop friendships, how they understand their emotions and deal with them plus how their identity develops. The study of the relationship between cognition or cognitive development and social behavior form the main basis of research in this field. The study of developmental psychology includes these main stages of development – the Pre-natal development, Infancy, Babyhood, Early childhood, Late Childhood, Adolescence, Early adulthood, Middle age and Old age.

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