5 Tips to Impress People with Your Look

Having to impress people with your look is always great and leaves you encouraged and happy till the end of the day. The worst and most discouraging moment is whenever you notice persons either mocking you or laughing at you due to your outward outlook. In any case there is no one to blame for that apart from you. Looking smart and attractive is a personal choice and it comes with its own benefits. For instance, when going for a job interview you have to look not only attractive but also smart. It’s obvious the interviewers will want smart personnel and if you are the attractive, beautiful or handsome type of guys, then that’s an added advantage. It is because of this that we discuss some of the 5 tips to impress people with your look.

Tips to help you impress with your look

1. Have a fresh and clean face

Your face is the first thing any person will look at even before concentrating on any other thing else. And coincidentally your face speaks all about you, it gives even hidden information. That’s why it is always advisable that you ensure you have a clean and fresh face while out or even going for an interview. The employers want you to look professional, fresh and approachable. For the ladies ensure you wear nice and bright eye makeup. Dark eyeliner, a bright eye shadow with black mascara will notify your potential employers that you take a good time on your appearance. For the men a clean, well shaven and moisturized face is always the best look. You will automatically impress them with your look.

2. Pay attention to your hair and ensure it looks good

• It is very necessary to appear out with a clean, well-brushed hair that you look as presentable as possible. With a shaggy hair you will never impress anyone including your pals.
• For the ladies, make your hair dry and avoid the use of excessive hair products.
• For the men have a bright style and avoid spiking your hair or applying Gel to style it in a distracting manner. By that you will surely be impressive.

3. Have clean nails

Several persons may even go an extent of seeing your nails. Imagine a situation whereby your nails are long and with a lot of dirt, it’s really disgusting and you will never impress anyone. For instance when you are for an interview, be assured that your employers will gazing at your hands as soon as you give them the first handshake, so you should always have job-ready fingernails at all times.
• Women, manicure your nails.
• Men should trim their nails.

4. Dress well and smart

For you to impress anyone, you have to appear smart, stylish or even trendy with your clothes. But your dressing code generally depends with your daily occasion, for instance you have to wear professionally when going for work and casually when out on a weekend. So your dressing also determines your rate of impressing people.

5. Smell nice

• The greatest part of good hygiene is to smell nice. Everyone will be impressed with you even without talking to you.
• For the ladies they should apply some bit of perfume but still avoid wearing anything with strong smell.
• The men should avoid heavy cologne or aftershave.


Therefore with the above tips followed correctly you will surely impress with your look. And in case of any physical injury or such thing use your European health card to sort for fair treatment.